About Us

The Products

All the products sold by Jernhest are designed by the founders Daniel & Marcus to ensure the that the development of Jernhest is 100% genuine to the beliefs and values of the company.


The Jewelry

After designing a piece of jewelry, the design is sent to our factory in China that we have carefully chosen to meet our standards. All jewelry are made from inox steel which makes for an incredibly tough jewelry for every day wear without the risk of damaging, discoloration or allergies.

The Story

Jernhest was founded in the spring of 2013 in the medium sized town of Linköping, Sweden. Jernhest is the result of two friend's quitting their dayjobs to realize their vision to create something of their own out of their common interests in bikes, music and the will to create. This was when JernHest was born, a brand closely related to its customers.


Jernhest philosophy

The founders of Jernhest believe in the concept of making it on your own and this is the spirit that keeps JernHest evolving and growing. All products are always designed and produced with the thought in mind that it should be made wear.

The products of JernHest are designed for people that want clothes and accessories that can be worn without being torn. We believe that what you love to wear you should be able to wear everyday.

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